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5. Music Marketing Package BRONZE

Product Description



Great music marketing opportunity for anyone who is willing to expand their fan base and social media presence. We will promote all your social media links and post you on blogs relevant to your niche audience (If you have questions on blogs ask staff). This is an limited offer SAVES you $900. 
  • Music Blog / Music News Site Distribution (Up to 2 publications).
  • Spotify Specialized Campaign (Chose artist's fans you want to target and cities you want to target).
  • Thousands of premium spotify streams that get you paid.
  • Soundcloud Marketing.
  • Plus another social media profile of your choice.
  • 3+ week campaign.
  • Targeted audience .
  • Consistent marketing within niche genre. 



This will help your music gain more popularity by promoting to potential fans and reviewing the data from the results. We will take the data and find out who the fans are and use that data to target massive amount of similar fans. This is the same method RECORD LABELS and well known musicians use to go viral. 

Guaranteed :
.✔ Spread Your Content to thousands of targeted fans who will engage in your music by liking, commenting, following, etc... You will receive thousands of interactions.
.The more fans that enjoy your content the more they share, this gives you a great chance to go viral and gain a true following from within your niche genre.
.✔Help your music by branding on blogs of your choice, once ordered you will be presented with a list of blogs or you can ask before ordering. (We are connected with with 100s of blogs and any blog you want we can most likely get for you)
.✔ 100% REAL AUDlENClES and VlSlTORS . 100% Safe without any risky behavior. 

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Once you order you will receive ORDER CONFIRMATION via Email, Send Following Information Once Contacted: 
  • Links to Music & Social Media Profiles
  • Images
  • BIO or EPK 


HOW WE MARKET: Once we receive payment and your link(s). We will review your music and target an audience and suggesting to people who may be interested in your content, getting you to trend within your niche genre on social media. This is the same way famous artist/entertainers get marketed. This causes your video/songs/ profiles to appear in other social media users stream/feed. (PROOF of results below) 


(Some Results)
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DELIVERY: Starts in 1 to 5 days, This is a great starter package! 
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$497.00 $800.00