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DJ/RADIO PROMOTION and College Radio Placements

Product Description


  • What is this service?

Dreams2Reality Promotions will send your song to 75 College Radio Stations and get guaranteed placements on most as we can't promise every single one plays the song!!!

  • Airplay Information
  • 4 Week Campaign
  • Weekly reports with feedback
  • Water-marked MP3
  • Single, Album or E.P
  • US & International
  • Pop, Urban, House, Hip Hop, Grime, Underground, Electronic + more


  • How does it work?
We send out a mailer to all 75 College Radio Stations! Your e mail address will be used as the return address! You will get direct feedback or inquiries directly form them! Not from us. You get personal contact with the Radio stations!

  • Why use this service?
 This service will give you promotion within your age range, or create a buzz within the young music world. This is a must have service for any aspiring artist looking to create a buzz without sharing their links continuously. 
  • What proof do we send?

We will send you a screenshot the "confirmed sent" message from our MailChimp account. Usually artist gets chosen by at least 1 to 6 radios. You will notice an increase in your online presence as well. Once ordered send us all your links, wav, bio, pic, email, etc.... DELIVERY: Starts 1 to 3 days, delivery can take up to 15 days for radios to respond. 





  • Airplay Information
  • 6 Week Campaign
  • Weekly reports with feedback
  • Water-marked MP3
  • Single, Album or E.P
  • US  & International
  • Digital, FM, Internet and Pirate Radio
  • We go direct to the radio producers / programmers of the main networks
  • Power 107.9, UK Choice FM, MMM RADIO CANADA, and more depending on your budget (higher quantities of order gets more radio spins and variety of radios)



Starts At $297 can range over $5000. Over 25,000 Djs And Radio Programmers Receive Record. 4 To 6 Weeks Of Followup From Each. Media Base And Bds Accounts Created For Record. User Receives Feedback From Record.

Get your music into radio rotation on  royalty paying Internet and satelite radio stations for one month guaranteed! "Basic Gig" will get you approx. 1 play per day, 30 spins per month. The higher quantity orders (Heavy Rotation)" will get you approx. 140 spins per month/30 days.

Have your music make you money and be heard by 1000's of listeners monthly.

Radio stations ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and SOCAN royalties and performance fees are reported and paid through StreamLicensing™ LLC. 

Station is syndicated on various websites including TuneIn App. 

Try ordering extra's for more air time and exposure get the most out of this exclusive offer!


**By choosing this gig you certify that you are the owner or authorized representative of the music. In order to receive royalties, you must be signed up to one or all of the following; ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SoundExchange and/or SOCAN.

* $225 is an starter price, DJ and Radio Services can range from 225 to 1000s of dollars. 

Note: If you are not signed up to one or more of these companies royalties will not be issued. 

*We will accept unregistered music, with the understanding that royalties will not be paid.

*Now accepting HipHop/Rap, R&B, Pop/EDM, Reggae/Caribbean & Gospel. More TBA.

DELIVERY: 1 to 15 days (Time differs depending on song and quantity of order)

Royalty Info: