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  • Malko Ibrahim
Haven't Unrealistic Expectations

Haven't Unrealistic Expectations 0

Rappers have un realistic expectations these days,,,, New rappers be like"I'ma go in the stu drop this heat and we on" SKIRTTTTTT.... NOPE thats not happening your career is a marathon not a sprint, dudes think people make it overnight believe me some of these guys you listen to you think they made it overnight but really it was a 8 to 15 year grind you just didn't see it. Even if someone makes it overnight they usually fall off over night.
  • Malko Ibrahim
Artists Are Not Making The Money You THINK They Are From Spotify Neither Is SPOTIFY

Artists Are Not Making The Money You THINK They Are From Spotify Neither Is SPOTIFY 0

Ever since the internet less and less people have been willing to pay for music. Why pay 1 dollar for a song on Itunes when people can simply listen for free or maybe even download for free. Spotify a streaming platform made huge promises for music fans and musicians. Listen to all the music you want with little to no cost, paying artist royalties from the streams they bring in. It sounded too good to be true and it was after financial information was leaked. 

In 2013 spotify earned 747 million euros, even though the platform keeps growing Spotify consistently loses 10s of millions of dollars yearly. You ask where all their money is going? Spotify pays 2 to 5 billion dollars to record labels for royalties. Record labels often take 80 percent of the earnings, after all expenses for ads, maintenance, etc... Then the artist gets paid. The artist made the platform what it is today, however they get the pennies left over for their hard work, this is most likely why Taylor Swift partnered up with other streaming services. If an artist who is upcoming wants to make money from their art its not bad to be on Spotify its a start, however there you're distributors have to be on the same page as you are. You need to find an team of distributors that can get you your deserved cut of royalties. Most times young artist sign up to random distributors, managers, labels, etc.. that suck every penny out of their careers. By the time an artist figures out how to make moves in the industry it can be too late, being tied up in a bad deal, or with bad management can take years to escape. 



  • Malko Ibrahim


ONCE AGAIN. Never Pay To Perform...... That's a scam... Fake promoters use that tactic to steal from wannabe' artist... SHOWS DON"T get you a buzz no more.... Thats how it was in the 70s... ITs 2016... ANYONE who pays to perform is a clown... Its all an illusion... Spend your money on Radios, blogs, etc... or save enough up and throw your own show... Some of you don't understand but you will when you grow up. I have been telling you guys this for ever these are the basics. AND you still don't listen. Have fun hussling those tickets.



  • Malko Ibrahim
The New Kim Kardashian (Kanye West)

The New Kim Kardashian (Kanye West) 0

Look out, Kim, there’s a new "bad bitch" in the city, the city of Miami to be exact. She is grabbing Kim's title for the best body around.  

"Kathy Ferreiro, dubbed the “Cuban Kim Kardashian” by Miami’s fashion set, makes her case for the big beautiful booty crown on an almost daily basis via her nearly not-suitable-for-work Instagram account."

From white yoga pants to booty shorts check out here instagram @kathyzworld to view stunning pics. 


"And despite what her critics say, Ferreiro is adamant that her curves are 100 percent natural and that her photos are untouched by Photoshop."


“She’s got the hottest bod in town and it’s all her own,” say p.r. guru John Chant.

“She has just got an incredibly amazing figure that makes her a new challenger for rear of the year. All I can say is Kim Kardashian, look out!”

  • Malko Ibrahim