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Should I Move To LA Or NYC

Should I Move To LA Or NYC 0

One question i run across alot from artist, entertainers, models, etc... is "Should i move to LA, NYC, to follow my dreams. Even though this is your choice to make here is some advice. Living in LA or NYC costs alot of money, if your not making a great living where your from then i wouldn't suggest it, if you want to make it in the ENT game you have to make it online first. If your music, modeling career, etc.. is not taking off online then it most likely won't take off in LA, NYC... Usually these larger cities have 100s of thousands of people who are trying to do the same thing you are, the competition is scarce. However LA, NYC, does have more people, equals more connections it has its PROS and CONS. Eventually you can move out to LA, NYC, however at first i recommend you work on your craft, get your social media game up, save some money, then make the decision. 















  • Malko Ibrahim
Dreams2Reality Digital Distribution

Dreams2Reality Digital Distribution 0

New distribution company created by "Malko Shamo Ibrahim AKA Malko Ibrahim is now available to independent and major artist, D2R platform is mostly for artist who have an product that meets industry standards. This distribution allows you to control 90 to 100 percent of your royalties, giving you the platform to add and remove songs at your will. The purpose of this platform is to give artist the control they deserve while making royalties of the music they have created. The difference between other competitors and D2R digital distribution is that D2R is also marketing artists songs to get them royalty checks, other sites/companies just place songs on stores while they take all the artist money and do nothing else. With D2R artist gets marketing plan while keeping 90 to 100 percent of royalties. More money and less work for the artist. Artist serious about this should go to the catalog section of "" under "Digital Distribution" rules and regulations are stated. You can also reach out to Malko Shamo Ibrahim links are below. 

















  • Malko Ibrahim
The Key To Success For Musicians

The Key To Success For Musicians 0

If your not networking then your not building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These days, with the internet you most likely have every important aspect of the music industry at your palms. The problem is most aspiring artist don't take advantage of this, instead of going online to spam your content, you can be connecting with people who can take you from point A to point B. We done an case study to figure out how much famous artist made it with spamming their content we came to find out there has never ever been an single artist that was on facebook all day posting links that has made it anywhere.. 



Please use your resources to your advantage, find an PR firm, invest some money and do it the right way!!!

  • Malko Ibrahim
Why Starving Rappers Don't Make It?

Why Starving Rappers Don't Make It? 0

The issue with alot of underground and upcoming artist is that they feel they are too talented to put in work most rappers who have made it put in, They don't want to promote, or network or even invest in aspects such as graphics, mixing, promotion. This is why most rappers never make it their pride cause's them to think they are entitled to something that no one is.




  • Malko Ibrahim
Make Money Off Your Beats, Productions, Music.

Make Money Off Your Beats, Productions, Music. 0

If your making beats, make a website, and have all social media platforms, put your beats up for lease/buy and direct traffic to your site and you win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can be laying at the beach honestly and making money.... Also don't sell beats for 150 dollars when you know you can lease them out for 25 dollars repeatedly... Same thing with rappers start collecting checks, get on streaming services, connect with people, etc... make an living doing what you want......


If you need help Contact:

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  • Malko Ibrahim
Gay Cartoons?? Boosie Claims Cartoons Make Kids Gay

Gay Cartoons?? Boosie Claims Cartoons Make Kids Gay 0

Rapper Boosie was on VladTV and he didn't hold back much when asked about cartoons and the entertainment game.  


Usually rappers go to interviews to talk about upcoming projects and music, Vlad decided to bring up something Boosie said years ago. The interviewer asked Boosie what he meant about comments he made about always coming home and turning on the tv and seeing some gay sh**.

"Soon as i turn on the TV all I see is gay shit, cartoons kissing, rappers in tights, what if a kid likes the way an cartoon character who is gay talks ? that means he might want to be gay even when he isn't." 












  • Malko Ibrahim