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Should I Release Songs Or Albums/Mixtapes: Ibrahim Malko

Should I Release Songs Or Albums/Mixtapes: Ibrahim Malko



How should you release songs!

Here is the issue, most artist are about 10 years behind in their promotion game, most of them still drop tapes/albums without hesitation because they just follow what the next person does. 

Many musicians release mixtapes/albums without having a single buzzing which is a mistake. 

Its about time you learn how to release singles leading into your tape or album. 


Why Singles?

We all know most famous artist don't even sell enough albums to begin with...

As our team did research on artist releasing albums this year and last year we found out artist with millions of followers such as TYGA are still only able to sell single digit numbers in first week. 


1. You Stay on top of it!

Albums take a lot of time and money when your the new artist on the block you don't have ANY OF THAT!!!

New artist are in a battle to win over the most fans in a quick manner, your best bet is to make a lot of songs and figure out which one you really want to push. 

Releasing singles consistently and promote them... this is how you grab attention and find out who your real audience is... and what works for you. 


2. Find fans faster

When your new you don't want people to forget about you. With that being said considering albums take too long to make releasing singles isn't as hard and time consuming... Release a song this week, next week, the week after, etc.. etc.. as you build up buzz you can then think about releasing a tape/album. 

When artist feed the fans with singles left and right they appreciate you more. Asking your fans to download/buy your album/tape is asking too much. These days I have artist I like personally and I pass on some of their mix tapes due to the fact is such a hassle these days to download/buy albums when you can just stream singles you love on your phone. 

3. You DON"T FLOP!!!

My favorite one of them all, about 99.9999 percent of the time anyone who drops a album flops!!! avoid that and focus on singles. 

Creating a album that doesn't do well can destroy your drive and motivation. Drop singles and promote them expect nothing in return and watch the magic happen. 

4. More money


Focusing on singles make you more money, you make songs/hitsongs and push them have your fans stream them and watch the royalities stack up.


How Should I Release Singles

Create a catalog.. Find out which songs you want to push first, release 3 songs off the bat that represent your TRUE style as a musician. Now since you have 3 songs out there that represent your true style find a song you think/know is a hit and PROMOTE it.... Reasoning behind this is you don't want to have only one song and it blows up. People then will only expect that type of music from you... which is a issue... have a few songs out just so people can get a idea. 





When you have your sound together and an idea of what you want to do... Sign up for distribution so you can get paid... If you don't have your songs on iTunes, spottily, etc.. you can lose millions if you blow up and not accessible on those platforms by your fans. Once you have the songs, and you are distributed/registered all you have to do is market. If you need help getting marketing check out our services section. While your getting your promoting done start performing your songs!!! Artist need to be making music or performing music... that is their life everything else should be handled by professionals... 







Thank you!!! author: Ibrahim Malko 

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    Good read and great info.

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