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Is it a good idea to go to LA or NYC to chase my dreams?

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"I want to be an artist but my city doesn't support me, no one ever supports in this city they all just hate" 

REPLY: I'm sorry to break it to you its like that every where you go... 

Here are some things to consider before moving to a major city to chase your dreams. 


1. You will need to find a job, and another... and... another and a brother and sister......

Making music is a full time job in its self, going to LA or NYC you will be forced to spend every single minute of the day hustling or you will end up in someones basement eating leftover noodles to survive. 

Only 15 percent of artist in NYC for example make a living, these are top tier at least 50 paid shows a year artist... There is some artist in NYC or LA that aren't rich and still do what they do but those people usually have a family they can bunk with or ask for help when they need. This blog is referring to people who don't know anybody!!! 

When Bhandari and co-author Jonathan Melber did research for their 2009 book "ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career," they found that artists, on average, earned about $10,000 a year after taxes.

That income level, she said, hasn't changed much in the last six years.

So there you have it a as far as financially, you are better off staying a small town perfecting your craft first, also remember when you go to NYC or LA you still need to get popping online. That is the number one thing to realize, your not going to go to LA or NYC and just throw a mixtape in the air and have everyone fight over that "HOT FIRE"... You will spend most of your time on a laptop regardless... Back in the 90s it was better to be in LA OR NYC but its 2016... 


2. Studio 

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This will become your reality when you see how much good radios in big cities full of "aspiring artist" charge... No hate your better off doing this then paying 1500 dollars a month for 3 sessions...


3. You don't "Take Off" as soon as your plane lands

Many artists really think that soon as they hit Hollywood its a rap, "we on cuh straight to the top" well I'm here to tell you without hard work and dedication you won't get anywhere, remember drive and determination is a form of thinking educated people achieve threw out the years. You have no idea how much guys hit me up saying "my shit so fire man soon as I hit NYC the whole city is mine" and boy I tell you there music is complete trash in every aspect of the word... Poor quality, stolen beat, no flow & delivery... I don't mean to be rude but a lot of people think they are dedicated and driving but when they find out what it takes to make it they break within a few days... I mean like you have to be reasonable and know when your ready for such a big move if your going to make it. A lot of time's we think we are better than we actually are in something when we are not, keep a few real friends around you to stop you from making poor decisions. Sometimes the grass is never greener on the other side....


4. Have you truly accomplished everything you can as an artist in your hometown?

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If you are not moving your locals with your music, people in NYC and LA will eat you alive.... Every year 100,000 people go to LA/NYC to chase their dreams and every year 100,000 people leave LA/NYC cause they failed at their dreams. If you want to move cause you don't enjoy your city and we have all been there, but stop following an old model of success. We have the internet that is why most artist making it these days don't come from such big cities no more, they used the internet to get popping. Another thing is to understand even when your city doesn't like your music doesn't mean your wack, you just got to market online... 



Going to major cities means there is more people, which means more like minded people, which means you may meet somebody who can do something for you. This is the one thing that is a benefit. Once again these people will not work with you for FREE. Meeting someone important in LA/NYC can cost you $$$$$35k just for a appointment, just to TALK TO THEM. Ya!!!! its that wild out there. 



After reading this don't let anyone tell you what to do, this is advice. As someone who has traveled a lot I can tell you due to the internet almost every city you go to will be the same, pop culture don't change no where. Every city, state, and country gets their music online. You can live in a basement on the moon and accomplish more than someone who lives in NYC/LA if you have good promotion techniques online. Most of these artist in today's world wouldn't be anything without the internet. Which is a gift and curse. we hear a lot of garbage music but guess what? No one can put you on but you, you have the tools to put your self on and that is all... GOOD LUCK!!!!



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