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Important Tips On How To Become A Successful Rapper - Malko Realiity

Important Tips On How To Become A Successful Rapper - Malko Realiity

Important Tips On How To Become A Successful Rapper


1. Create Good Music For Your Target Audience

Its been said that marketing is your best friend, you can have the hottest club song in the world but if your not targeting the right audience it won't matter...

The music has to have real emotions to affect an real audience... if you are making music that you don't feel, and don't move your head to.. chances are no one else will like it if you don't. A lot of artist try to force a certain sound and they end up boring themselves... not the way to go!!!!!!!!! 



2. Control Your Social Media Or Die

Control your social media or die... Its kind of crazy to think about how most of you say your artist but when i go down your timeline all i see is memes, worldstar hip hop videos, hood fights, etc.. being shared... why don't you share more about your self ? and your music... an artist has to be professional... anything you post can impact you in a negative way now or years down the line, be-careful what you post...


3. Your Music Website or EPK Is Your Headquarters

Build an website for your fans, keep them updated with everything you have coming, and also put a streaming tab of your songs/albums on your site... you can always run ads on your site also to earn a little bit of income... build a following on social media and direct them to your website... leave your website link in all your profiles bio..


4. Network With Big Rappers, Producers, etc... 

The more people you network with, the more chances of success you have.. If you run into a big time producer who likes your work, he/she maybe able to work with you even if your budget is not right...

REMEMBER> you are a new artist, you are not some big shot, there is plenty fish in the water, you must talk to everyone like they are bigger then you cause they most likely are!!! don't burn your bridges... 



We all know, your favorite artist are people you feel are different from everyone else. If you want to make club music or mainstream music good luck, however that own't build a fan base... they will just build people who like you cause your making good songs based on money, sex, drugs, etc... once you stop making great club hits, etc.. those fans will never look your way again. Now if you make music people like and is different you will have real fans... Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

















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