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3 HUGE tips for artist trying to make it in the music industry - ibrahim malko

3 HUGE tips for artist trying to make it in the music industry - ibrahim malko



There are literally thousands of things artist are doing wrong in the music industry. Due to the fact there are millions of artist trying to get on the music game is by far the most over-saturated genre on the market. If you are an aspiring artist, here is a few tips we have put together for your benefit


                    1. YOUR IMAGE & Product!

  1. Focus on your MUSIC first. You need your 10,000 hours in the studio, it has to be done... You must have some sorta talent, or at-least the "IT" factor. 
  2. Give fans a reason to partake in your product. Help them, most people listen to artist cause they help them deal with their issues, if your music doesn't do that you will have it hard out here... (alternative: Make HITS)
  3. Do people want to be you?. Your image is one of the most important aspects of your music career... Look at CHIEF KEEF, most people might not like his music but believe me every young kid looks up to his image of being "SOSA" people don't really have to like your lyrics, they just have to like your image. (IMPORTANT FOR TRAP RAPPERS, Rappers like KENDRICK and COLE get away with this due to lyrical ability. 

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                  2. Marketing, Branding, And Crew!!!


  1. Promote your music both online and offline, once you stop promoting people forget your exist... I know an artist who last year were getting at least 10k plays on sound cloud per track, then he stopped posting music all of a sudden... Decided to release a track 6 months later AND you guessed it... "12 plays 1 like"... When I confronted him about it he replied "I needed an break from social media" thats all fine and dandy but if your trying to make it out here you can't just take a break from the most important tool on the universe.
  2. Hang out with like-minded people. Repeat after me... STOP HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE WHO DON"T SHARE YOUR MUSIC OR SUPPORT YOUR CRAFT" You need an team of people around you all day everyday... So network with promoters, producers, booking agents, and maybe even an coach. 
  3. See the future. Remember in 2005 in the rap game drug users were considered "LOSERS" well now the drug dealers are considered "LOSERS" and all the drug users are the ones rapping... THINGS CHANGE, people who see a sound trending take advantage of it... "but i want to be true to myself" well if you want to make it big you will have to take advantage of certain trends. When you make it you won't have to do that as much. Even J cole and Kendrick made it making songs like "bitch don't kill my vibe" K DOT or "workout" J COLE... Melodies, Hooks, Chorus, Banging Beats, etc... win all the time. At the same time they still stayed true to their sound. 



                        3. Money And Goals!!!

  1. Learn how to monetize your craft The internet has made me an living, if your a producer or an artist there is no excuses. You can at least start making an 100 bucks here or there... just to start out. 
  2. Set your self up. Most artist are so eager to make it overnight, but it takes 10 years just to become an overnight success- BIG SEAN... NO ONE has just picked up an mic recorded their first song and made it, I know some famous artist claim to... "o ya i made one song and took off" "i don't even write i just spit" they are lying.... it was an struggle, and it will be for you UNLESS DR DRE is your cousin and even then no one can make your music hot... put that time in in the booth. 
  3. Have an mission. So what is your goal? make money, keep hip hop culture alive, tour the world, etc... think about what your doing this for... a lot of people can't answer that question.... Once you find out what you want from music your tasks become easier. 
  4. FINALLY Stay away from "haters". This is not as important we all need criticism... but as yatchy, uzi vert, etc... have proved you really don't need people to like you to make it, cause there is always people who will like your music. 




AUTHOR: Malko Realiity

Twitter and snap: @daydreameram

IG: @dreams2realityglobal


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