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Artist Music Invest In Themselves

Artist Music Invest In Themselves

Invest. If you broke, I don't wanna hear it, thats not our issue... The labels and big time producers/artist see what they say when you tell them "im broke can you help me?" We fans of music, we have no love for the cat that is always complaining.... you have to stop rapping into your laptop drop some cash into a quality song, start your own store online, buy some fly gear.... Be creative... Look at some of these rappers came from NOTHING I mean nothing, i mean like living on the ground with 4 of their brothers same bed, but they're songs still sounded like they had the world in their hands...


How much rappers have you heard say "I do my own covers, my own mixing, my own recording, my own promoting, I am independent!!!!!!!!!!!!!" these are those artists that never make it. 

Malko Shamo Ibrahim 

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  • Malko Ibrahim
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