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How Rappers Can Learn From Mims

How Rappers Can Learn From Mims "RECORDGRAM APP" - Ibrahim Malko 2

Where Is MIMS????

MIMS is best known in the music industry for his major hit record "why im hot" from 2007. Most people in the music industry or fans of music will say "mims fell off". While that may be true in a sense but it doesn't really explain whats going on behind closed doors. Most rappers are leaving the rap game to do business in other areas, in this case MIMS is making moves in the tech field. "The multi-platinum entertainer has an app called RecordGram, which just won the top spot at TechCrunch Disrupt’s 2017 Start-Up Battlefield competition." - Ibrahim Malko


I really feel most famous artist and aspiring artist can learn from MIMS and the moves he is making. I also believe most artist are making music only because they think they will make a lot of money and become rich. You can make a lot of money with music however the goal should be to make a name for your self in the industry by making good music then exploring other areas in entertainment such as tech, clothing, programs, etc. 




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Eminem Tells Us His Rap Secrets And Techniques!

Eminem Tells Us His Rap Secrets And Techniques! 0

Eminem Speaks About Rapping Techniques

Created BY: HOW TO RAP



1. Treat Rhyme Schemes Like Puzzles
Eminem is known for his complex and intricate rhyme schemes. He approaches them like puzzles, carefully piecing them together.

Eminem: What I love about rap is it feels like puzzles to me. Words are like puzzles and you’re trying to figure out what could go here, and how many words I can make rhyme. I’m really into the craft of MCing and I always think like, “how can I figure this puzzle out?” Like how can I take words and rhyme them at the end of the sentence, but in between maybe make some other words rhyme, like sandwich them. I’m really into the technical part of it.

(To learn how to create these kinds of rhyme schemes, check out the first How To Rap book).

2. Study Great Rappers Who Came Before You
Eminem learned his skills by studying the very best rappers who came before him. In his 2003 Grammy Awards speech he named the rappers who he studied specifically:

Eminem: I made me a little list of MCs that I wanted to name that inspired me, to bring me where I am today, because honestly, I wouldn’t be here without them. So the list goes like this: Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Dr. Dre, all of N.W.A., KRS-One, Treach from Naughty By Nature, Nas, 2Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z. Thank you, because I learned from all of you, thank you.

(The rappers on Eminem’s list, such as Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, and Big Daddy Kane, are interviewed and give advice in the books How To Rap and How To Rap 2).

3. Create An Alter-Ego
Creating an alter-ego is a great way to express everything you’re feeling in a very creative way.

Eminem: Coming out with an alias was part of Proof’s whole idea. He said, “Let’s be in a group called D12, and there will be six of us, and we’ll each have an alias. We’ll each be two different people.” When I started rapping as Shady, as that character, it was a way for me to vent all my frustrations and just blame it on him. If anybody got mad about it, it was him that said it, you know what I’m saying? It was a way for me to be myself and say what I felt. I never wanted to go back to just rapping regular again.



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1. CD & Merchandise Sales: Every time you perform at your events you must have your CDS, clothing, and even business cards with you. Give the business cards (with your social media info on them) out for free and sell the merch to people who enjoyed your performance. 


2. Streaming: We all know each click/play on your song doesn't pay too much, however over a 3 month period royalties can add up to thousands...Get your music on all online stores especially spotify. (If you need to get on digital sites contact staff on this site)



3. YouTubeYouTube runs ads everytime an video is played, I personally know 100s of artist that do daily vlogs in the studio to earn about an extra 1,000 dollars per month... every little paycheck adds up and helps you get to your main goal.


4. Sponsorship: If you have an small fan base and or even an sound companies like... they will contact you or you can contact them. This is an long process, and companies won't just invest in anyone. A lot of artist ask "why aint no one investing in my talents" well its hard to invest in some random guy who has graphics and sound engineering that sounds and looks like it was done by an blind person. JUST THE TRUTH!!! invest in your self when people see you care about your brand/image they will feel more comfortable investing in you. Ask your self sometimes "if I was an label CEO would I even invest in me" Be honest. 


5. Rent out your studio: If you have your own little recording place, network with other artist that need an place to record, rent it out to them when your not using it... 


6. Features: If you have an decent following people will pay you to get on their track, make sure you have an EPK(if you need one check catalog section on this site). Get your connections up, make moves, people will pay you to be apart of what you got going if your headed in the right direction


7. Songwriting: There is multiple freelancing sites where you can post your "ghostwriting" services, people will hit you up asking you to write for them you can charge however much you want, if people think its reasonable, they will pay!!! 





twitter and snap: @daydreameramp

IG @imalko3d 

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Tips On How To Get Thousands Of Soundcloud Followers - Ibrahim Malko

Tips On How To Get Thousands Of Soundcloud Followers - Ibrahim Malko 0

Welcome to a quick read by d2r promotions!!!!

1. Don't Pay For Fans

ONLY invest in marketers who you know are legit and promote you to real fans... if you see something like "500 followers for 10 bucks" its a fake promoting company. For example no one marketer knows how many followers you would get with promotion because you can't control how much people follow you. If I promote someone depending on how much people like their music they get a different amount of fans... We have had people get millions and go viral with small amounts of investment compared to someone who paid a lot more and got a lot less because of his sound. 

When people see you have 100,000 plays and 1 like then they know its fake. 

AGAIN, Real music marketing!!!!


Want real marketing ? check out our service section



Best way for soundcloud users to stack up a lump sum of plays is to get featured on a blog that has the same targeted audience as you. 


Please don't spam blogs. Blogs don't look at submissions from artist, you need to have a promoter or promoting company present you to them. DON"T hit them up saying "hottest dude since TUPAC fam" that won't work and you won't get a response.


High quality singles is the key here nuff said!


Think about what blogs want, don't always think of what you want. Bloggers want someone who matches their audience and also has some fans on their soundcloud. They won't want to just put anyone on their blogs because they would then lose their audience. 


3. FEATURES (read this) 

So I am sure most artist out there are also in your position. Not only should you do songs with your peers but you should repost their songs while they repost yours... REMEMBER the 9 hour rule. Repost someones song for 9 hours and un repost it then repost it and repeat that process... Have them do the same for you. This has your song in his fans feed every 9 hours. This is important because this creates traction when sound cloud recognizes your plays spiking they rank you higher on the charts. 


4. Pay influence's ... 

So I have a artist in CANADA who paid a big Instagram user to play his song on a video on IG and that video got 500k views!!! This created a huge buzz on his sound cloud because the IG user agreed to put the artist link in his bio there for about 50k of the people who watched that video also went to the artist soundcloud. 



A lot of fans search for new hot songs on soundcloud, create remixes to those songs you should already know this!!! 





 THANK YOU ALL check our services out!





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Should I Release Songs Or Albums/Mixtapes: Ibrahim Malko

Should I Release Songs Or Albums/Mixtapes: Ibrahim Malko 1



How should you release songs!

Here is the issue, most artist are about 10 years behind in their promotion game, most of them still drop tapes/albums without hesitation because they just follow what the next person does. 

Many musicians release mixtapes/albums without having a single buzzing which is a mistake. 

Its about time you learn how to release singles leading into your tape or album. 


Why Singles?

We all know most famous artist don't even sell enough albums to begin with...

As our team did research on artist releasing albums this year and last year we found out artist with millions of followers such as TYGA are still only able to sell single digit numbers in first week. 


1. You Stay on top of it!

Albums take a lot of time and money when your the new artist on the block you don't have ANY OF THAT!!!

New artist are in a battle to win over the most fans in a quick manner, your best bet is to make a lot of songs and figure out which one you really want to push. 

Releasing singles consistently and promote them... this is how you grab attention and find out who your real audience is... and what works for you. 


2. Find fans faster

When your new you don't want people to forget about you. With that being said considering albums take too long to make releasing singles isn't as hard and time consuming... Release a song this week, next week, the week after, etc.. etc.. as you build up buzz you can then think about releasing a tape/album. 

When artist feed the fans with singles left and right they appreciate you more. Asking your fans to download/buy your album/tape is asking too much. These days I have artist I like personally and I pass on some of their mix tapes due to the fact is such a hassle these days to download/buy albums when you can just stream singles you love on your phone. 

3. You DON"T FLOP!!!

My favorite one of them all, about 99.9999 percent of the time anyone who drops a album flops!!! avoid that and focus on singles. 

Creating a album that doesn't do well can destroy your drive and motivation. Drop singles and promote them expect nothing in return and watch the magic happen. 

4. More money


Focusing on singles make you more money, you make songs/hitsongs and push them have your fans stream them and watch the royalities stack up.


How Should I Release Singles

Create a catalog.. Find out which songs you want to push first, release 3 songs off the bat that represent your TRUE style as a musician. Now since you have 3 songs out there that represent your true style find a song you think/know is a hit and PROMOTE it.... Reasoning behind this is you don't want to have only one song and it blows up. People then will only expect that type of music from you... which is a issue... have a few songs out just so people can get a idea. 





When you have your sound together and an idea of what you want to do... Sign up for distribution so you can get paid... If you don't have your songs on iTunes, spottily, etc.. you can lose millions if you blow up and not accessible on those platforms by your fans. Once you have the songs, and you are distributed/registered all you have to do is market. If you need help getting marketing check out our services section. While your getting your promoting done start performing your songs!!! Artist need to be making music or performing music... that is their life everything else should be handled by professionals... 







Thank you!!! author: Ibrahim Malko 

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3 HUGE tips for artist trying to make it in the music industry - ibrahim malko

3 HUGE tips for artist trying to make it in the music industry - ibrahim malko 0



There are literally thousands of things artist are doing wrong in the music industry. Due to the fact there are millions of artist trying to get on the music game is by far the most over-saturated genre on the market. If you are an aspiring artist, here is a few tips we have put together for your benefit


                    1. YOUR IMAGE & Product!

  1. Focus on your MUSIC first. You need your 10,000 hours in the studio, it has to be done... You must have some sorta talent, or at-least the "IT" factor. 
  2. Give fans a reason to partake in your product. Help them, most people listen to artist cause they help them deal with their issues, if your music doesn't do that you will have it hard out here... (alternative: Make HITS)
  3. Do people want to be you?. Your image is one of the most important aspects of your music career... Look at CHIEF KEEF, most people might not like his music but believe me every young kid looks up to his image of being "SOSA" people don't really have to like your lyrics, they just have to like your image. (IMPORTANT FOR TRAP RAPPERS, Rappers like KENDRICK and COLE get away with this due to lyrical ability. 

Image result for chief keef


                  2. Marketing, Branding, And Crew!!!


  1. Promote your music both online and offline, once you stop promoting people forget your exist... I know an artist who last year were getting at least 10k plays on sound cloud per track, then he stopped posting music all of a sudden... Decided to release a track 6 months later AND you guessed it... "12 plays 1 like"... When I confronted him about it he replied "I needed an break from social media" thats all fine and dandy but if your trying to make it out here you can't just take a break from the most important tool on the universe.
  2. Hang out with like-minded people. Repeat after me... STOP HANGING OUT WITH PEOPLE WHO DON"T SHARE YOUR MUSIC OR SUPPORT YOUR CRAFT" You need an team of people around you all day everyday... So network with promoters, producers, booking agents, and maybe even an coach. 
  3. See the future. Remember in 2005 in the rap game drug users were considered "LOSERS" well now the drug dealers are considered "LOSERS" and all the drug users are the ones rapping... THINGS CHANGE, people who see a sound trending take advantage of it... "but i want to be true to myself" well if you want to make it big you will have to take advantage of certain trends. When you make it you won't have to do that as much. Even J cole and Kendrick made it making songs like "bitch don't kill my vibe" K DOT or "workout" J COLE... Melodies, Hooks, Chorus, Banging Beats, etc... win all the time. At the same time they still stayed true to their sound. 



                        3. Money And Goals!!!

  1. Learn how to monetize your craft The internet has made me an living, if your a producer or an artist there is no excuses. You can at least start making an 100 bucks here or there... just to start out. 
  2. Set your self up. Most artist are so eager to make it overnight, but it takes 10 years just to become an overnight success- BIG SEAN... NO ONE has just picked up an mic recorded their first song and made it, I know some famous artist claim to... "o ya i made one song and took off" "i don't even write i just spit" they are lying.... it was an struggle, and it will be for you UNLESS DR DRE is your cousin and even then no one can make your music hot... put that time in in the booth. 
  3. Have an mission. So what is your goal? make money, keep hip hop culture alive, tour the world, etc... think about what your doing this for... a lot of people can't answer that question.... Once you find out what you want from music your tasks become easier. 
  4. FINALLY Stay away from "haters". This is not as important we all need criticism... but as yatchy, uzi vert, etc... have proved you really don't need people to like you to make it, cause there is always people who will like your music. 




AUTHOR: Malko Realiity

Twitter and snap: @daydreameram

IG: @dreams2realityglobal


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